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summer cocktails, revealed


Summer is almost here, and that means a new round of cocktail creations from the bartenders at Farm 255. This season features plays on classic cocktails, like our Pimm's cup and the Last Light, a cider-driven play on a traditional shandy. Sadly, this season also features our last round of cocktails from bar manager Kaleb Cribb, who'll be departing Farm this month for the green pastures of a sweet new gig in Atlanta — more on that in the coming days. Kaleb is still with us for a few more weeks, so swing by the bar before mid-May and send him off right — with one of the excellent cocktails he helped create.
{ St. Lucia }
broker’s dry gin, fernet branca, st. george absinthe verte, simple syrup, lemon juice, edible flower garnish { 9.5 }
{ Devender }
sailor jerry spiced rum, warre’s otima 10 year tawny port, cynar, cointreau, angostura bitters { 10 }
{ Farm Pimm’s Cup }
pimm’s no. 1, death’s door gin, housemade cardamom syrup, lemon juice, blenheim’s, cucumber slice { 9 }
{ Terpsichore }
tito’s vodka, campari, blenheim’s, grapefruit juice { 8.5 }
{ The New Sazerac }
old overholt rye whiskey, simple syrup, peychaud’s bitters, cinnamon cardamom tincture, st. george absitnthe
verte { 10 }
{ Last Light }
amaro meletti, lemon juice, buster’s orange bitters, william's sir perry cider { 7.5 }



one new cocktail & eight new wines

At Farm 255, we've always traded in small-scale, sustainably produced wines from around the world. And while we're proud of our past selections, we think 2013 is the year to step it up. You may have noticed shifts in our wine list this season, as our offerings have come to reflect a renewed focus on well balanced classics, as well as options that offer twists on old favorites, like our unoaked Los Haroldos Malbec. This week, we're rolling out a list of wines by the half-bottle. Intended for two, we hope they will give our diners the opportunity to venture into new wine territory without breaking the bank. Visit our new menu or come try one for yourself this week.

Also new this week is another cocktail creation from our bar —

{ The Charleston }

buffalo trace, rare wine co. "charleston sercial" madeira, housemade medjool date syrup, blood orange



winter cocktails

Well, the weather may not be getting any cooler, but it's winter either way. And even if your favorite sweater still feels unseasonably warm, our winter cocktails will get you in the invernal mood with their seasonal flair. We're rolling 'em out tonight. Come try one to take the holiday edge off.

{ Merry Monk }

broker’s gin, housemade cranberry syrup, green chartreuse, buster’s orange bitters { 9 } 

{ Farm Old Fashioned No. 5 }

rittenhouse rye, date syrup, our housemade winter spice bitters { 8 }

{ Veracruzana }

espolon reposado tequila, amaro meletti, cardamom, cloves, orange peel, hot water { 9 }

{ Bonfire Sutra }

four roses yellow label, zirbenz pine liqueur, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, vermouth perucchi blanc, buster’s original bitters { 10 }

{ Tracy’s Flip }

sailor jerry’s spiced rum, luxardo maraschino liqueur, angostura bitters, rich syrup, one whole egg { 9 }

{ Sleeping Giant }

famous grouse blended scotch whiskey, pommeau di normandie, lemon juice, st. germain elderflower liqueur, housemade allspice dram { 11 } 

{ Seraphim’s Secret }

pierre ferrand cognac, merlet crème de poir, lemon juice, marie brizzard anise liqueur, charmeroy brut {10 } 


it's coming...

The winter cocktail menu is almost ready, and we hope to roll it out next week. But to whet (or wet) your appetite, we thought we'd share a sneak peak of one of our upcoming concoctions.

{ Tracy's Flip }

sailor jerry, angostura bitters, demerara syrup, luxardo maraschino liqueur, one whole egg, brandied cherry


Fall Cocktails menu, 2012

Hello all!  Kaleb here to report that the new cocktail menu is now live!  I'm pretty happy with how things came out for this menu.  Matt kicked in his usual lion's share, and Clancy really took amazing initiative and made the vodka drink his own.  Kudos to both dudes for the stellar work.  I think there is something on this menu for every person, and every type of drinker. 

Sailor’s Grade
Cayrum aged golden rum, Dolin Dry, fresh grapefruit juice, Cynar, rosemary tincture

This drink is seamless and sleek.  Starting with the smell, the rosemary tincture and cucumber jump out initially with an herb garden explosion.  The first taste combines the grapefruit and rum sweetness as a unified invitation to explore the movements.  Then, the vermouth serves as the memory maker as it bridges the gap into the Cynar's brick wall of bitterness.  The tongue is left dry, beckoning for another taste before the brain has time to comprehend what just happened.

In the Pines

St. George Terroir Gin, Warre’s OTIMA 10yr Tawny Port, Pommeau di Normandie, Campari, Buster’s Original bitters

My favorite drink on the new menu.  This robust belly settler is for the perfect post meal cocktail consumer or just an interested drinker wanting a bit of extravagance.

blanc de blanc

Dolin blanc, Lillet blanc, Fernet Branca, Buster’s Orange bitters

The apertif darling.  For anyone wanting to whet their whistle a little more, to let the anticipation build for an amazing plate of food, here is your tongue awakener.

Autumn swing

Chamomile infused Cathead Vodka, local honey, Dolin dry, fresh lemon juice, rosemary

Clancy's first solo cocktail.  Delicate and hued, this cocktail fits a front porch at dusk as well as any I've ever had.

creole witch

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, turbinado syrup, Strega, Peychaud's bitters

Matt's call was rye whiskey, and this lover of all things French Quarter composed this number.  Maintaining a simple strategy, Matt created an absolutely downable drink.  Dangerously delicious.

Pimm’s cup

Pimm’s no. 2, Hendrick’s gin, housemade lemongrass syrup, fresh lemon juice, Blenheim's Spicy Gingerale, cucumber

The month of September is the victory lap for our take on this hip classic.  The popularity of this cocktail has shined right along with the sun all summer long, so instead of turning out the lights, we decided to let this drink have its moment in the spotlight last a little longer.

There she is, y'all.  From all the fluffy, feel good words, you can tell I like what we have here.  Truth is you are the only descriptor that matters.  I'd love to hear thoughts on this menu, and would especially love to hear feedback if you come in to try some drinks. 

Get at me
on facebook:
Twitter: @Booze_Lord
peep the picture strategy on Instagram: @stutterino


Interview for Online Athens

I met Andre Gallant recently to discuss cocktails and the possibility of an article showcasing the craft that goes into creating cocktails.  He knocked it out of the park with the writing, and the video makes everyone smile.  I wanted to express my gratitude to him for approaching me with the idea.  More than that though, I am thoroughly pleased that he is taking the time to showcase bartending as a whole in Athens.  The people in this industry work very hard for little or no glory other than the self- satisfaction and...ahem...the money.  Of course, there are some tenders who emphasize the volume of service over the quality of the service which is fine if your aim is to get a lightning fast drink.  However, there is list of bartenders in this town that make magic happen every shift they work and my hope is that the next time you sit down in front of one of us, you (the customer) will value their craft with your continued appreciation. All we want to do is make your experience perfect. 

Thanks again...check this out...



summer cocktails revealed

Hello all,

Rachel here, Farm's marketing maven in residence. Kaleb's buzzing around the restaurant today, concocting more tinctures, drams and other mysterious potations to keep these lazy days of summer slightly hazy. I'm eager to share with you our new cocktail menu, which debuts tonight. We've even got a non-alcoholic option, for discerning under-agers. I've hijacked the old Bar Dirt for the day to spread the good word. So, without further ado, I present to you Farm 255's summer cocktails:

{ Summer Shandy }

allagash white, limonata, blenheim's 

{ The Lovers' Quarrel }

hangar one buddha's hand citroen vodka, grapefruit juice, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, luxardo maraschino liqueur, carpano antica

{ Baudelaire }

hayman's old tom gin, dolin blanc vermouth, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, fresh lemon juice, charmeroy brut, buster's lavender bitters

{ Pimm's Cup }

pimm's no. 1, hendrick's gin, housemade lemongrass syrup, blenheim's

{Daiquiri No. 255 }

jm rhum agricole, fresh lime juice, agave syrup, velvet falernum

{ Boulevardier }

wathan's single barrel bourbon, dolin rouge vermouth, campari, buster's orange bitters

{ The Wagon } (non-alcoholic)

housemade ginger beer, housemade tonic, club soda


and draft beer...

So, I've gotten pretty giddy about keeping at least one tap rotating at Farm, especially during the summer months when the beer is cold and refreshing.  For that reason, I wanted to mention that I am taking away Yuengling from the draft list for awhile, and it is currently replaced with Dogfish Head Festina Peche, followed by a round of New Belgium Somersault

Our current draft list is this:

Dogfish Head Festina Peche   12oz pour for $5
Allagash White   12oz pour for $4
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA    16oz pour for $5
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale     16oz pour for $4.50
Palm Amber Ale      16oz pour for $4
Bell's Oberon Ale    16oz pour for $5



seasons change

A few things in the works, currently.  From left to right: mint tincture, rosemary tincture, allspice dram, and loose leaf Rishi Earl Grey Tea-infused gin.

Dang, it's getting hot, y'all.  Mosquitoes are back, already.  The baseball season is in full swing, the drinks are more refreshing, and the porch and the pool prove their magic.  The bar follows the cue of the season, so the overhaul has begun.  The wine list is making its change almost completely over the next couple of weeks and the new cocktail menu is debuting sooner than that.    The first drink on the new list is the Gold Star:
Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Citroen Vodka
Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
fresh grapefruit juice
Carpano Antica
house made Grenadine

Light, crisp, crushable.  Just like I like my cocktails. 

The rest will be forthcoming.  One more thing, so many house made ingredients coming soon.  Matt has been working on infusions, syrups, and new batches of bitters with some pretty great results.   That dude is awesome at what he does.  I am off in tincture world, and making a few infusions along the way.  I’m going to make a batch elderflower liqueur soon.  I’m still thinking through that one.   It seems like I’m always about to do something.  Such is the life searching for the next flavor that will land favorably on your palate.  But I think the creative side of the bar is hitting on all cylinders right now, and the cocktail nerds reign supreme in our house.

Keep your eye out for the new menu in about a week.

You’ll see some new faces behind the bar in the coming weeks as we bid farewell to Jake O. Francis.  Jake has been with Farm 255 for many years now in many different capacities, from chef to dedicated pig farmer to debonair bartender, Jake has worn many hats in the operation and we will miss him.  I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors, whatever they may be.   And, don’t be surprised if you see him back behind the bar from time to time. 
That means you should all come say hello to Ms. Jenna Malloway as she acclimates to team Fitty.  Jenna has most recently been managing and tending bar in New York and has come back home to Georgia.  She is a great bartender and I look forward to working with her again.

athfest. freakout. commence.  This is going to be nuts.  Busy is when I am in my zone.  Come for the good food and drinks and stay for the late night music.  The Pulaski stage is practically on our door step, so, uh, yea.  Be gentle, y'all.



Been awhile...

Hey guys!  Kaleb here, stopping in to apologize for the lack of bloggery over the last little while.  I, along with everyone else from Farm, have been easing into the summer mode after a busy graduation weekend.  Now, the bar is prepping like soldiers going to battle for Athfest at the end of June.  This is when the "A" game comes out and the staff really kicks it into gear.  Also, I wanted to let everyone who has been a part of the Farm family for some time that Dan, the previous bar manager before me, will be back during the Athfest weekend to make a cameo appearance slinging the booze.  I for one am stoked to see my bud, and I know you folks that have been visiting our bar for years will be happy to see Dan's beardy face smiling from behind the bar. 

The new summer cocktail menu will be up soon, probably early June.  Keep your eye out for the awesome drinks we are prepping for your pallate.  I can tell you that two cocktails have already been chosen for the menu, and both are more interesting than anything I have tasted in some time.  And, for the adventurous, if you want to try some of the new ideas coming out right now, just ask your bartender for a one.  I'd totally love some guinea pigs (there is only so much I can force on our managers, after all).

Speaking of cocktails, a concoction that is currently on our menu, Deville after Dark, is featured in Food & Wine magazine!  Check it out (even though it says Farm 225, not 255) and pass it along!  Support your local watering hole and come see us soon! 


it's a hit!

Today, I gave an interview for the next edition of Athens Food and Culture magazine regarding our new cocktail menu and some of the ideas we promote at Farm Bar.  Keep an eye out next month for the article!

The new menu is offically off and running.  I don't think any of us expected it to take off as quickly as it did, but everyone seems really stoked on what we are doing right now.  Cocktails have been so well received that Matt and I have started more batches of bitters, shrubs, tinctures, and infusions to handle the demand.  You, our guests, seem just as excited to try them as we are to make them.  So, thank you! 
Here is a picture of one of the new drinks, The Saint, rolling out on a recent dinner service.


some pictures

a new drink.

a kir royale, and the newest bartender to Farm late nights, Michael Clancy.


Spring Cocktail Menu debut

Though we may have been shorted on winter here in Athens, I doubt anyone will complain with the beautiful days we have had over the last few weeks.  Perfect patio weather has beckoned our creative juices here at Farm Bar, and it is time to reveal four new drinks as the last of the cool breeze yields to baseball weather.  This menu will run as long as the sun stays hot, so come on out and try these new gems. 

A personal note...I want to thank all the bartenders of Farm for making this menu happen.  Everyone worked on their respective projects with precision and passion, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be working with such fine people.  So to Matt, Laura, Jake, Jeremy, and Clancy, cheers to you guys!  Viva la Home Team!  Good on ya for grabbing the bull by the horns and making it happen.

I hope our craft is evident in every sip of every drop of every cocktail made in the next few months, as I am proud to present you with the Spring cocktail menu, 2012.
*Deville after Dark-- Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Pommeau de Normandie, Benedictine, Cointreau, Kaleb's Homemade Lime Bitters, Kaleb's Homemade Clove Tincture. 
This drink began with my stage at Leon's Full Service with Miles MacQuarrie, where I first tried Pommeau de Normandie, a blend of Calvados and Apple Juice.  This is an homage to that experience and the knowledge gained from him, and it marries techniques and ideas acquired while training.  Thanks again, Miles.  I finally learned how to stir with just the fingers!  The name comes from one of the more popular activities in the summer here in Athens (nightswimming) at one of the more well known spots.  Watch out for cops!
*7th Ward-- Sailor Jerry Rum, Fernet Branca, turbinado syrup, grapefruit juice, Buster's Caribbean Bitters, Angostura Bitters.
This creation comes from Matt McFerron, the resident salty dog.  We started out considering alterations to a Dark and Stormy and this was his finished product, which features his homemade bitters named for his sweet dog, Buster.  The name is a New Orleans reference to the area that stretches from the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain where many of the Creole Style mansions reside.
* The Saint-- St. George Terroir Gin, fresh lemon juice, St. Germain, Matt's Homemade Raspberry Shrub, Kaleb's Homemade Grenadine, soda. 
Laura Myers first had the idea for this drink with the two Saints together, and through some tweaks, we have collectively created this amazingly refreshing cocktail.  In beverage history, the word shrub has carried several meanings. For our purposes, it's enough to say that a shrub is an acidulated beverage made of fruit juice or vinegar, sugar, and other ingredients.  Matt's is an infusion of raspberry and apple cider vinegar, and with my heavy acid pallette, I could drink it by itself (though I don't recommend it if you don't like vinegar).
* Ol' Buddy, O'l Pal-- Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Aperol, Orange Bitters.
This complex flavor is a variation on a semi-classic known as the Ol' Pal.  The clean and well defined flavors work best as an apertif, or pre-meal cocktail, to liven up the pallette for Chef Whitney's ever-changing menu. 

There you have it.  The drinks will be slowly integrated over the next week resulting in the complete change by Tuesday, April 3rd.  An additional cocktail may be added to the mix in the near future, but I think you are looking at the best cocktail menu in Athens as it is, and there are enough here to keep diners stoked for multiple visits.  Hope to see you soon. 


bar madness, elite eight

hoooooly cow...we beat the globe in the round of 16, and now we are up against the royal peasant in the elite eight.  wow.  thanks for all your support thus far, and the we appreciate your continued votes.  this round ends on the 21st, so plenty of time to vote!

new cocktail menu is in is final stages...Mattie kicked in a killer rum drink, i got a pierre ferrand cognac cocktail with one of my tinctures ready, and laura has been flirting with the st. george terroir gin.  big things, y'all. 

And, I wanted to make it known how rad the folks I work with really are.  All good people with good minds that I'd happily call friends who work hard, enjoy the creativity of the job, and all carry themselves confidently with what it is we do at Farm 255!  Thank you for being awesome, Matt, Jake, Laura, Jeremy, and Clancy.  Mercer, too!



Bar Madness, Sweet Sixteen, & bands you need to see...

Farm Bar made it to the round of 8 remaining competitors, but now we are up against the number one seed in the Globe.  We sure would appreciate your vote!  Thanks y'all!

The Humms played a hauntingly perfect set on Thursday night to a crowd that braved the rain to see them.  We set them up outside to play before the rain and, during their set, the sky opened up and gave us a piece of her mind.  As if it was planned all along, Zeke and the boys just turned it up, and kept on rocking.  Do yourself the favor, go see this down and dirty blues rock explosion.

The Rodney Kings also played on Thursday, hopping on the bill last minute for the injured Muuy Biien.  Surf rock fun and an aggro passion drives this young upstart band.  They just released an EP you can probably find by asking around, but I got my copy last night, and it is exactly what I was hoping for-- their energetic live show translated fluidly onto record.  The band is relatively new to the scene, but I have a feeling you'll be hearing their name in the coming months.


Bar Madness

Everyone loves to fill out the March Madness brackets.  And who wouldn't love to fill out one about Athens bars?! The Athens Banner-Herald is doing their annual Bar Madness, so go vote!  The first round ends March 7th, followed by the start of the second round starting the 8th.  We are currently beating the Winery in the first round and would love your support through the duration of March. 

Cheers and Thanks!


New Brunch Cocktail Menu

The new brunch cocktail menu is now live and rolling.  Come on in and celebrate after church with a libation.  Water into wine, amIright?  Besides, cocktails were originally intended to be a morning time beverage in order to cure the too many drinks had the night before.  We got remedies, doggie...

The Marvel    $9
Aalborg Akvavit, Aperol, Carpano Antica, Fee Bros. Orange Bitters
*This drink is based on the Norwegian Sunset by Jesse Held of the Northstar Bartenders' Guild, who works at the Marvel Bar in Minneapolis.  The Bartenders' Guild is a midwest collective of bartenders in which Jesse is the president.  They are the closest thing to rock stars in bar tending.

Louisville Milkshake    $8.50
Wathan's Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon, 43 Licor, Demerara Syrup, cream, club soda
*The inspiration for this drink came from several places, but the bourbon and 43 licor combination was found in a recipe by Joy Perrine, the bar manager of Jack's in Louisville.  The rich syrup is 2:1, sugar to hot water.  Rich syrup is different than simple syrup because the sugar used is Demerara (Sugar-in-the-raw), as opposed to fine white sugar for simple.

Ruby Fizz     $8
Charmeroy Brut Champagne, Cocchi Americano, Angostura Bitters, fresh lemon juice
*This one was inspired from a drink Olivia had, that had cocchi and cava together.  Light, fizzy, and red, and delicate.

French 75      $8.50
Bombay Dry Gin, Casteller Cava, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice
Super traditional cocktail, created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris, France by Harry MacElhone.  The recipe was first recorded in 1930 in the Savory Cocktail Book, and is named as such because the combination was said to have such a kick that it felt like being shelled with a French 75mm field gun.

Farm Bloody Mary     $8
Gin/ Vodka/ Tequila, house made bloody mary mix, seasonal pickles
*You know the story...

Pistola      $7
Negra Modelo, Hot Sauce, fresh lime juice, house made bloody mary mix, seasonal pickles
*Michelada's are beer bloody mary.  woot.


tobacco tincture, clove tincture, homemade grenadine...a ramble

So, the tobacco tincture came out awesome.  Big on the nose, light but obvious flavor on the taste.  The clove tincture I tried came out like a clove tincture should: strong enough to blow out your pallate for an hour with two drops.  Needless to say, this will need alot of booze to match up to the flavor.
I dropped out a bottle of both to Highwire Lounge and a bottle of the clove tincture to the National, to see if they wanted to try any experiments with it.  Hopefully, they can figure out awesome cocktails with them. 
For Farm Bar's sake, I'm leaning to having one or the other on the new cocktail menu, that will be debuting in early to mid march.
I found a pretty vintage, old school homemade grenadine recipe and made a bottle for the house, so any drinks you ask for with grenadine is now that house made, not the abomination that is Rose's grenadine.  Woot. 
Made traditional whiskey sours with grenandine last night for the feaure cocktail to go a long with our chicken dinner tuesdays.  Keep it on your radar that new features come out almost weekly on that night.
New wine menu is almost fully on now, with a few exceptions that should be fixed by next week.
Now serving: Saison Dupont!  This farmhouse saison is, in the words of my buddy Neal, "the gold standard of saisons."  it's pricy, but wonder it has been named the best beer in the world before.



tobacco tincture, shawty...

I wanted to mentioned that I purchased some sweet, full flavor cigars today and cracked them open and put them in a mason jar with some 80 proof bourbon.  why would i waste good cigars, you ask?  well, i am making a tobacco tincture for cocktails, of course.  7 days or so, and we will be having smoky cocktails...

*note: recovering smokers should not consume anything with this mixture in it.  it is basically a pure cigar tobacco bitters.


a whirlwind of stuff

Quick update on new things:

New Draft: New Belgium Dig features pale malts that give a generous dusting of caramel and sweet cream butteryness. A little lemon zest and spice from the hops produce a medium-light bitterness.  This spring seasonal from the employee owned New Belgium Brewery speaks to the upcoming spring time, and honestly, I brought it on because I think we are all ready t oforget about the winter that never was in Athens and start looking forward to warmer days.

New Bottles: Avery Ellie's Brown Ale tastes like what I think a brown ale should taste like.  A nice malty body with no cream notes, but more of a stiff sweetness that disappears into a nutty subtle hop.  This is my new favorite brown ale.
Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale hails from Greenville, South Cackalacka (Carolina) and has most recently won a silver medal at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival.  This flagship brew is vegan-friendly, as is all of the beers in the Thomas Creek portfolio.  You got to love the small market breweries that kick out very respectable beers, and this is no different.  The red ale features a full body of malts and yeasts which carries through the entire sip, with a smooth and delicious flavor featuring subtle grapefruit and banana notes.  Be not mistaken, though.  This is a beautifully consistent beer, from first taste of light grapefruit and yeast to mild hops on the back end to dry the pallate, I could see finishing this six pack in a night and being satisfied (i.e. a very sessionable beer).

New Wines: The wine list is going through its early year make over, so I will write more about this when the transitions have completed, but one of note that I can mention to you is "Ideale" from La Nunsio.  This barbera replaces our "Baby" and is a tender wine, needing a minute to open up before the full bouquet is shown.  Ripe cantalope, green strawberry, and green apple skin stick out to me for the flavors with a very subtle tannic back end.

New Spirits: Pierre Ferrand 1st Cru Ambre is a ten year old cognac from one of the most recognized cognac producers in the world.  Hot, savory caramel with that smoky vanilla flavor makes this just delicious.  Seriously, I feel this is a great above average cognac and certainly pallatable by even the most novice of cognac pallates.  The flavors are so well defined that, even after one sip, you will know why cognac is so enjoyable.


PS, New brunch cocktail menu will start up next week.  Just to let you in to a few ideas: The Marvel (based on the Norwegian Sunset by Jesse Held of the North Star Bartenders' Guild), The Kentucky Milkshake, Ruby Fizz, and Pistola are all names you should love.  Come in for a little after church nipper and let me know what you think.