vetus yacht parts

The complete range of thrusters has been redesigned on several points. The mostBOW7512D_1 eye-catching are the newly designed black covers. The material used in these covers is flame retardant according to V0(UL94) for extra safety, and is unaffected by temperatures up to 220ºC. With a stainless steel (AISI 316) detail to finish it off, these covers give a fresh look to the line. vetus yacht parts, Besides the aesthetic features, the brackets for the electric components are improved and a spare fuse is always at hand, stored inside the cover.

These new battery boxes are specifically designed for the VETUS battery range up to 115 Ah. The boxes are made from impact resistant plastic and are impervious to UV light, salt, oil, petrol, and acid.

  • Unique in the market thanks to VETUS HD composite material which is heat resistant up to 260°C!
  • Available for Ø 40, 45, 50, 60, 75, and 90 mm exhaust systems
  • The safe choice in case of cooling failure
  • Easily and quickly installed in any situation
    - 360º rotating bodies
    - Rotating hose connections provide infinite connection possibilities
    - Floor mount bracket and wall mount straps supplied as standard
  • Superior noise reduction
  • Minimal backpressure in the exhaust system
  • Provided with drain plugs for winter storage
  • Available in black, large capacity models also in white

Asset Managing

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Expert witness appraisalFor individuals who have several different sources of income or have property value that exists in the form of several separate pieces of property, asset management can also be vitally important. It can become very confusing rather quickly when trying to decide how to manage separate streams of income, especially when you look at it from a tax perspective and you are trying to determine how much you must pay based on the specific type of income that you are receiving.

Asset management can help you make the most of every asset that you have and then capitalize on those assets so you can get the greatest amount of money possible, both for yourself and for your loved ones. It is a major component of ensuring that your family will have enough money to live on if something should happen to you or that your children can go to college. Therefore, many people take advantage of asset management as a means of putting themselves in the best possible financial position that they can.

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Spring Cocktail Menu debut

Hey guys,

Have you seen this weather lately? Gorgeous isn’t it? Well, come check out this menu! We are making this menu the best we have ever had! Not only that, but I believe we are going to make this menu last as well! We have finally come out with the best cocktails we have ever seen, and have been getting great reviews on them! We hope you guys can make it out this week and celebrate with us!

I also want to thank all the bartenders of Farm for making this menu happen. Everyone worked on their respective projects with precision and passion, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with such fine people. So there you have it. An additional cocktail may be added to the mix in the near future, but I think you are looking at the best cocktail menu in Athens as it is, and there are enough here to keep diners stoked for multiple visits.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!



it’s a hit!

Great news here guys!

I did an interview for one of the most popular food/culture magazines out here and it went amazing! When I am allowed to talk about the details I will spill the beans! Make sure to keep those eyes open for the magazine!

Our new cocktail menu is also up and running. Wow, it is going really well! This menu has seriously taken off, it has been great here! We almost cant keep up with the demand!

We all just want to say thank you, none of this would be possible without you guys!





Been awhile….

Hello everyone!

I just want to say I am sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Things are rolling in high gear here and we need all hands on deck! I promise I will make sure to make some time to start blogging it up again! We are finishing up the new cocktail menu for the summer, so definitely keep your eyes open for that! We have some drinks still in the works, so if you are willing and open to trying something still in development let your bartender know!

There is also some talk about being featured in an awesome food & win magazine! More on that to come!

Thanks and sorry guys!




Seasons Changing

We’re starting to do many more house made ingredients! Timmy has been working on infusions, syrups, and new batches of bitters with some pretty great results. Timmy is the man when it comes to that stuff! I’m going to make a batch elderflower liqueur soon. I’m still thinking through that one. The creative side of the bar is hitting on all 8 cylinders right now and the cocktail ideas are moving out in full speed.

Keep your eye out for the new menu in a couple weeks!

We are in the midst of a bunch of changes in house as well! Come in, hear the stories, say your goodbyes, and meet the new guys! A lot is happening here at the farm and we want you guys involved!

Come for the good food and drinks and stay for the late night music.








and draft beer…

Hey guys!

Ronda here! I have been getting giddy about rotating atleast one tap here! I am bringing in Dogfish to temprarily replace Yuengling.

Our current list is:


Allagash White

Heavy Seas IPA

Terrapin Rya Ale

Palm Amber

Bell’s Oberon


Thanks guys!!

Looking forward to the feedback!


New Cocktails!

Hey Y’all!

Ronda here! Everyone is working hard here making new cocktail creations! Check out the sneak peak:

hangar one buddha’s hand citroen vodka,

hayman’s old tom gin, dolin blanc vermouth,

pimm’s no. 1, hendrick’s gin,

wathan’s single barrel bourbon,

housemade ginger beer!

Looking forward to seeing you guys come in and trying some new drinks!!

Thanks guys!

See y’all around!


Summer Cocktails, With A Side of News

Summer time is on its way, and with that – a new round of cocktails! This season we are playing off our classic cocktails. Sadly we are losing our beloved Alex – he is here for a few more weeks so make sure to stop by!

Here are some drinks that we are featuring:
broker’s dry gin, sailor jerry spiced rum, warre’s otima 10 year tawny port, pimm’s no. 1, death’s door gin, tito’s vodka, old overholt rye whiskey, william’s sir perry cider!
Thanks guys!

New Wines & New Cocktail!

Hey guys!

You all know we love getting in smaller brands of wine in to the shop, and if you don’t, you do now! I love getting those newer, fresh, not big name company wines! Just like us, we have to give the little guys a chance! So we have picked up 8 new wines, you don’t have to try them all in one night, but you can!

We also are adding another special cocktail, with some homemade goodies! Come get some good food, and try some new drinks!

Thanks guys!

Cheerio -