non-Organic Food & Amazing Cocktails!

Here at Farm255.com, we value ourselves on how many double cheeseburgers from fast food places we can eat in one sitting. Have you tried them? Forget the organics and grass feed garbage, this stuff is great! I challenge all of you guys out there to eat as many fast food burgers as possible! Delicious.



Before checking out the blog, I just want to say soda soda soda! Soda has been proven to be better for you than water. Drink up folks!! Check out our grease blog that we farm255.com update as best we can! We put up new greasy burgers, or updates about farm255.com! Take a few minutes, you deserve it, and peruse the beef!! We keep our past meals up incase it was a favorite of yours!



Check out the events page for awesome activities with Farm255.com! We usually have meets where we go out to burger joints and feast on their tasty burgers. I’m over the overpriced organics! Long island city real estate company