Tough to Find Cruelty Free Nail Polish!

I know how everyone is feeling right now. We are tired of seeing animals used as test dummys for big corporations. I dont know how many of you guys have took a stand, but I for one will not buy anything that has been tested on an animal. No matter if its nail polish, or any other type of make up product. I want cruelty free nail polish!

Where to find it? Now that is a great question. Not a lot of company’s have decided to go Cruelty Free yet, however, there are a few! When someone is making a product that I am going to use on my face, or my body, I don’t want to use something that was tested and formulated using a poor animals skin. No. I want to have a product that was made out of organic ingredients that is safe for me because it was made using safe ingredients. No more of this testing crap. I will only buy Cruelty Free Nail Polish from this point forward.

Find the right Cruelty Free store and only buy your products from there! There is no reason to use such foul products! Cruelty free is the way to go and it is here to stay!

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