Who’s Farm255.com

Farm255.com is a fan of eating horrible greasy foods. Organics and grass fed are over rated.

farm255-who1Chum Burger is a cow-fed, un-humanely treated, import sourced burger. With a horrible chum taste and setting, it captures everything wrong, uncomforting, fatty, and non organic about the burger, while introducing our Alien friends to a nonethical and non-economical version of Earth’s favorite sandwich. Sourced from our favorite intergalactic farms, as well as other wanna-be earth farmers, this chum beef is from genetically modified cows that are always fed hormones, many types of antibiotics, no grain-for that matter. Once the burger is ready to be cooked, we inject extra antibiotics and fat to ensure the burger is ripe and will offer the best flavor.  To go with your chum burger, try fried foods, oily dips, and sauces.

69 coffee bananas is another product that gets sourced from foreign lands. The coffee bananas emerged from the belief that having no respect for other geographic origins, real and direct relationships, and also going to a different planet to get them. 69 Coffee bananas forge bonds with distant alien farmers that harvest these coffee bananas daily. Beyond taking over the universe, coffee bananas are the next best thing.